The county government of Bomet through the Public Service Board   is pleased to invite applications from those who have completed a course of training and acquired a degree or diploma for internship opportunities.

The areas of specialization and the number of opportunities in each department is as shown below with: –


S/N Department Qualification Specialization Number of interns
1 Administration ICT & Public Service

a)   ICT Section

Degree Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering or Equivalent (Network Administrator, Web Developer, Programmers) 7




Diploma Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering or Equivalent 1
b)   Governor’s Office Degree Business Administration/ Public Administration or equivalent 6
Human Resource Management or equivalent 4
Education 3
Law/ Legal Studies or equivalent 4
Guidance and Counselling or equivalent 2
Criminology or equivalent 3
Diploma Secretarial Studies or equivalent 1
Public Administration, Public Relations/ Political Science or equivalent 1
c)   Public Service Board Secretariat Degree




Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development or equivalent 1


Diploma Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development or equivalent 1
2. Finance & Economic Planning Degree Bachelor’s degree in Economics or equivalent 5
Business Administration/ statistics 1
 Finance/ Accounting/ BBM/ or equivalent 7
Degree with CPA(K) Finance/ Accounting or equivalent 3
Finance/ Accounting/BBM or equivalent 5
Diploma Finance, Accounting, Business Administration or equivalent. 5
3. Trade, Energy, Tourism & Investment Degree Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Economics or equivalent 6
Energy/ Electrical/Mechatronics/ Industrial/ Chemical/Mechanical Engineering 6
Tourism and Hospitality or equivalent 4
Diploma Electrical/ Electronics Engineering or equivalent 2
4. Water and environment Degree Water and Environmental Engineering or equivalent 6
Quantity Survey 1
Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management or equivalent 6
Commerce                    (Accounting/Finance) or equivalent 1
Diploma Water and Environmental Engineering or equivalent 2
Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management or equivalent 2
Purchasing and Supplies Management or equivalent 1
5. Roads, Public Works and Transport Degree  Civil Engineering or equivalent 6
 Architecture or equivalent 3
 Electrical Engineering or equivalent 1
 Mechanical Engineering or Equivalent 2
 Geospatial Engineering or Equivalent 1
 Mechanical Engineering or Equivalent 2
Diploma Mechanical Engineering or Equivalent 3
Secretarial Studies or Equivalent 2
Quantity Survey or Equivalent 2
6. Education & Vocational Training Degree Early Childhood Development Education 7
Computer Science/ICT 1
Diploma  Secretarial Studies 1
 Quantity Survey 1
 Civil/ Structural Engineering 1
Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy 1
Masonry 1
Tailoring 1
Motor Vehicle Mechanics 1
Food and Beverage 1


7. Youth, Gender, Sports & Culture

a)   Gender, Culture & Social Services section

Degree Gender Studies /Community Development or Equivalent 5
Library Science or equivalent 1
Diploma Social Work or Equivalent 4
Library Science or Equivalent 1
b)   Youth and Sports section Degree Computer Science or equivalent 1
Agribusiness Management or Equivalent 3
Sports Science or Equivalent 6
Community Development, Social Work, or other Social Science Courses 9
Diploma Education 2
8. Lands, Housing, & Urban Planning Degree Land Surveying and Photometry, Geomatics Engineering, or Equivalent 5
Urban and Regional Planning, or Equivalent 5
Land Economics or Equivalent 5
Diploma  Project Management 2
 Mass Communication or Equivalent 2
 Secretarial Studies or Equivalent 2
9. Agriculture Livestock & Cooperatives Degree Agricultural Economics or Equivalent 1
 Animal Production or Equivalent 3
 Horticulture 10
Business Administration/Management/Cooperatives Management or Equivalent.



Diploma Horticulture or Equivalent 2
Animal Production or Equivalent 4
Animal Health or Equivalent 5
Cooperatives Management/ Business Management 3
10. Medical Services & Public Health Degree Medical Laboratory Science or Equivalent 2
Public Health or Equivalent 4
Nutrition or Equivalent 4
Health Service Management 2
 Physiotherapy or Equivalent 1
Diploma Nursing 5
Health Records & Information 1
Clinical Medicine 5
Public Health 3
Nutrition 2
  GRAND TOTAL                                                                                                         250



The length of the Internship shall be between six (6) to twelve (12) months non- renewable upon expiry.


  1. A Bachelor’s degree/Diploma from a recognized institution in a relevant area of specialization
  2. Have no previous work experience related to their area of study
  3. Valid Certificate of good conduct
  4. Be aged between 18 and 35 years

How to apply:

Interested applicants are required to complete on-line  an “Application for Internship Programme ” form available on the Public Service Board recruitment portal:  on or before 28th February, 2019.

The County departments where the opportunities are available together with the areas of specialization can be accessed on the official County Government website